Puppies to the Rescue Part 5

Welcome back to “Puppies to the Rescue”.  I have been on an unexpected blog vacation I guess you could say.  Learning how to be foster mom to rescue dogs turned out to be more time-consuming than I had ever imagined.  I was doing a fair job of keeping up this blog until some idiot hacked in and left me with a nasty virus.  Cleaning up the mess left in the wake of these hackers ended up being far beyond my technical expertise and after a month of trying to repair the damage myself I finally broke down and paid someone to fix it.

Now that it is up and running again I’m tickled pink to get back to the “Puppies To the Rescue” series.  If you are a new visitor you can read Part 1 by clicking here.

When we last left our intrepid little bunch Penny Lane had developed a case of kennel cough.  With just 7 days until their flight to New York I headed to the vet’s office with all seven puppies.  As it turns out they ALL had kennel cough and were all put on antibiotics.
leo and faith4

The next seven days were pretty darn wonderful.  I spent much of my day outside supervising the pups while they did the hard work of growing.

pups outside

They played in the grass, chased each other on the lawn and explored the flower beds like it was a jungle.  They jumped on each other and pulled each others tails but most of all they learned how to be loved and cuddled.Macky and Leo2

At the end of each day they were so completely worn out that they sometimes fell asleep in front of the back door.  dogs at slider

The nine days just flew by and before I knew it was time to place these little “flight puppies” on the airplane bound for New York. The night before they left I gave each one their final dose of antibiotics and a great big snuggle and kisses while tears rolled down my cheeks.  I sent each pup with a note from me to their new forever family telling them about the nine days their new puppy had spent with me.  I included my email and wrote that I hoped they would get in touch with me and let me know how their puppy was doing.

Sleep was hard to come by that night and I told myself over and over again that I was glad this little adventure was coming to a close and I was never going to foster any another dogs.

rescue flight plane

The next morning came early for this night owl.  I packed up my seven little “flight puppies” and we took off for the airport.  Almost 150 dogs were being transported to three rescues in the New York area and each one of the dogs had paperwork to be checked and attached to their crates.
2015-02-05 07.14.22-1

While all the paperwork was being handled a local news reporter picked my little Leo to hold during her report.

airport scene

As the plane was being loaded with all the dogs the reporter was broadcasting live from the airport while still holding Leo.  He did a fantastic job of looking completely adorable.  Because of their small size all seven of my “flight puppies” were making the trip to New York in the same crate.  That meant that they would have the comfort and warmth of each other during the trip.  It also meant that their crate had to be loaded into the mid-section of the plane due to its size.

puppy flight 2

As their crate was being loaded onto the aircraft I had to pull Leo away from the live broadcast.  This didn’t make the news crew too happy but I didn’t want Leo to be separated from his litter mates and his paperwork.  The crate was already aboard the plane and I handed Leo up to a crew member who placed him in the crate.

I was wiping away a pretty constant stream of tears as the plane took off and headed towards New York.  We were able to track the process of the flight and when it landed the volunteers for the three rescues involved posted pictures of the crates being unloaded.  I was able to pick out the crate my “flight puppies” were in and I was finally able to relax knowing that they had arrived safely.

Are you are enjoying the story of my flight puppies?  I would love to hear from you.  To leave me a comment scroll down to the comment box.

I hope you will be back for the next chapter of “Puppies to the Rescue” to find out where the puppies end up.

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  • Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse
    October 10, 2015

    I know how strong the bond is between a rescued animal and its rescuer. I bet it was very difficult to let them go.

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