It is Spring Time in Puppyland

It has been more than the few days I thought would be between posts but bottle feeding three puppies is time-consuming.

But today I have some still shots of the puppies.  They all have names now.  I went with a Spring theme so the names are LilyBelle, Petunia, and Blossom.

LilyBelle is the adventurous one, the one who is the first to do everything from walking to pooping.  She leads the way for her sisters and they are happy to follow her.

titled puppies feeding1

Blossom is the puppy pictured below.  She was the runt of the litter weighing just 11 oz. at three weeks.  But don’t worry about Blossom, she knows how to take care of herself.

My three foster pups are bottle fed.

And this little lady is Petunia, my little teddy bear.


I thought I was ready for these small pups but they completely turned my house upside down.  But I am nothing if not organized so I was able to corral all the mess and get a system going.  Bottle fed puppies need almost as much stuff as babies.

Mojave puppies eating1

They started out sleeping in a laundry basket but they soon needed a place to practice walking so we moved them into the breakfast nook and kept them there with the help of a baby fence.  They were so small at first that they could go through the slates in the fence/gate.


I have meant to post this three nights in a row but I fell asleep each night before I could click publish.  Did I mention how much work bottle feeding puppies is yet?

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  • Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse
    April 29, 2015

    It seems time consuming, but it must be so rewarding to see them grow healthy! It’s funny how you rescue baby dogs and I rescue old cats ;)

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